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1200W capacity (2 x 600W per channel) leading edge dimmer for incandescent, halogen, and transformer based lamps.

800W capacity (2 x 400W per channel) or single output 550W trailing edge dimmer designed for incandescent, dimmable CFL and LED lamps.

The INNCOM Deep Mesh Network (DMN) architecture provides a very cost effective, self-forming wireless network.

Category: Switches

The Designer Series™ DS12 is a multifunctional key equipped with status indicators for Doorbell, Privacy, Make Up Room, Butler call, lighting control, and other programmable functions.

The E527 is a thermostat designed for British gang box applications.

The E528 provides temperature control, humidity monitoring, and motion detection for energy efficient management of the HVAC system.

The E529 is battery powered and therefore ideal for certain installations, especially retrofitted in preexisting properties.