INNcontrol & Deep Mesh Network

Since 1986, “INNCOM” has meant smarter guestrooms, better operational efficiency and greater energy savings. Now those years of learning and expertise are being migrated to the cloud with the new INNcontrol 5 (IC5) Energy Management Supervisor offering. Currently, IC5 is only a cloud based solution. INNcontrol 5 is built using the Niagara framework and resides on Honeywell’s Sentience Cloud. This IoT platform will be able to offer customers a multitude of integrations, both inside and outside of Honeywell, providing a truly connected hotel.

Both sets of INNcontrol software provide you with real-time room status information, room and property energy trend data, alarm reports for malfunctioning equipment, instant control of temperature setback parameters and other system settings, online diagnostic & preventive maintenance, Interface with most PMS, BMS and other hotel systems, automatic load shedding & peak demand algorithms, higher security for guests, remote access ready.


The INNCOM Deep Mesh Network (DMN) architecture provides a very cost effective, self-forming wireless network.

The connection between guestroom automation and operational efficiency.