INNCOM e7w Thermostat

Efficiency, comfort, and wireless convenience: the new wireless INNCOM e7 Series energy management thermostat.



The e7w is a robust and versatile wireless EMS thermostat with occupancy-based temperature and humidity control. Featuring superior aesthetics, a built-in motion detector and on-board wireless ZigBee®, the e7w Wireless EMS Thermostat is a Hospitality IoT platform that supports guestroom controls for HVAC, lighting, drapery, amenities, and other IoT integrations. The e7w is powered by four (4) AA batteries [included], so the thermostat can be installed quickly and easily, virtually anywhere in any guestroom, without the hassle of running wires.


Basic Thermostat. Temperature and humidity control.
Basic EMS. Optimizes in-room climate control using a passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor to detect occupancy.
Advanced EMS. Optimizes in-room climate control using both a PIR and a door sensor (or lock integration) for more precise occupancy detection, enabling greater energy savings.
Integrated Room Automation System (IRAS). Platform for hospitality IoT, such as controls for HVAC, lighting, drapery, amenities, and more.
Networked EMS. Optimizes in-room energy use by occupancy and room status. Centrally monitored and optimized using INNcontrol software.
• Wired model also available: e7 Wired EMS Thermostat


• Beautiful, industrial design with a large, easy-to-read keypad
• Compatible with virtually any HVAC system
• Scalable from Basic (standalone) to Networked EMS
• Wireless model can be installed virtually anywhere
• Built-in passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor
• Equipped with a Smart Wall Plate for easy installation and worry-free maintenance
• Optional external wireless door/window,PIR, temperature and humidity sensors
• Easiest 3rd-party integration
• Utilizes INNcontrol software to constantly report, monitor and control energy savings
• Battery Life: 2-3 Years
• Pending approvals: CA Title 24 – OCST


e7 - Wired Thermostat


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