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INNCOM Catalog


The MODEVA series of thermostats and switches have the energy savings, network and integration capabilities of the other INNCOM series with a high-end glass-finish capacitive-touch user interface for a sleek, modern look. MODEVA standard offering consists of a choice of black or white glass switch and standard icons and labels from which to choose.

E-Series / EVORA (4)

The E-Series and EVORA are a series of intuitive, easy to use controls for temperature, lighting, drapery and amenities. The E-Series controllers are the cornerstone of the INNCOM world class energy management offering which can control virtually any HVAC system found in a hotel and can be configured as either as part of a powerful, centrally controlled energy management system or as a standalone device.
E-Series / EVORA

Elements (4)

Honeywell’s INNCOM Guestroom Automation System now includes the Elements range which stylishly showcases new color, materials and finishes for greater choice and flexibility when using British style gang boxes.